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«Take part to grow and learn»

From AEMA we encourage all sidesaddle riders to keep up their riding, with enthusiasm and renewed goals in the face of new challenges till we can resume normal activity as soon as possible.
The circumstances in which we find ourselves have limited our lives in many ways but this should not lead us to demotivation. That is why we want to help visualize the goals to be achieved towards the training of horses and riders, so as to get back in shape.

AEMA has set forward a program of riding tests designed to carry out a learning and training progression as a means, not only to train regularly, but to receive clarification from the judges that will help improve your sidesaddle riding.

This AEMA non-attendace Show offers the opportunity to compete from the comfort of your home or your equestrian center without having to travel and choosing the day and time to ride your tests that is more convenient for you. Participants will receive constructive and encouraging feed back from Sidesaddle qualified judges and the awards will be the distinctive AEMA rosettes.

Participating is very simple. All you have to do is ride in a 40 x 20m arena, or mark one on any flat ground and a mobile phone or video camera to film your test.

Choose your test, record it, and send in the video!

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